Do You See Me

DO YOU SEE ME is a dance theatre performance and workshops by performance maker Tiina Alinen with Melissa Lanham and John deVries. It speaks of the journey young people travel during their adolescent years and the feelings that surface from those experiences. 'It's not what's on the outside, but what's on the inside that counts'.

Alinen Arts produced the work in 2000 and coordinated with many schools in the region to participate in interviews, viewing of the work and workshop involvement. Ms. Alinen had the pleasure of working with writer Glen Sheppard throughout the creative process. Mr. Sheppard brings an insightful perspective to his work through his experiences in living with Autism. The project was funded by Arts Queensland.

'I was left with a wonderful feeling I can't describe. I really liked the labelling of the box. It was very powerful and held a lot of meaning. The interviews showed the real world. It made me feel less alone, like I am not the only person with these problems. This performance helps people understand the world we live in'. Female 15 years

'I liked the fashion section, it was hilarious. The strongest part was the labelling because I see a lot of it at school'. Male 12 years

'Laughter, getting to the essence, simplicity and power in movement. Especially liked where the audience gets to participate. It made me feel that issues remain ever for adults. Yes, I think this should be in schools because it touches on a deep problem across the board - the non acceptance of difference and diversity'. Female adult

'Goosebumps! Appreciation for diversity and difference with our culture. Exactly the sort of strong yet tactfully presented arts show that school children should see'. Female adult and Auslan interpreter