Language Rhythms

LANGUAGE RHYTHMS is a dance work created for Expressions Dance Company in 1999 by performance maker Tiina Alinen. The work is inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of diverse languages with languages used as the musical score.

The visual beauty of Auslan was an inspired choice to include in the work. Language Rhythms offers a different way to look and listen to the cultures around us. The creative development for this work was supported by Arts Queensland in 1995.

Dancers are Emily Amisano, Sophie Bowen, Dan Crestani, Ko-Pei Lin, Terri-Lee Milne, Peter Furness and Sasha Rappel. Original music composed and recorded by Sarajai Eckersely and Jalberto Maldonado of Makonda. Recorded voices are Brian Lucas, Gabriella Mattachhioni, Annie Mielekamp, Ismo Palen, Pia Palen, Edel Suede and Carla Vener. Auslan consultant was Diana Lang and interpreter was Lorraine Johnson. Lighting Designer was Dale Mounsey with Set and Costume Design by Bruce McKinven. Videographer is Anja Ali-Haapala.

'I felt honoured to be able to watch a production in its developmental stages' Eve Kerr

'A deeper appreciation of the resonance of language on the mind of the listener... it was an intellectual exercise of much interest' Des Yesberg

'Strong multicultural message appropriate for Australia today and maybe in some way assist with racial prejudice and inter-cultural understand' audience member

'It was valuable having the community witness the rehearsal periods either as direct consultants or simply observers, as their influence enters into the work. The work then becomes more and more representative of the people' Sophie Yesberg

'This piece is conceptually articulate. It successfully conveys a sense of what it must be like to be 'different', as well as the relief migrants must feel when connecting with people who have the same language and culture. Recordings of the recollections of migrants of their first impressions are translated into dance by using Auslan. This was not only visually beautiful, but practical for hearing impaired members of the audience'Dr. Dale Johnston, Dance Australia