Moments of Self

'Moments of Self' is a community arts celebration which began in 2014, produced by Alinen Arts and is about us and our special places. Performance Maker, Tiina Alinen is the Creative Director working with a group of wonderful people in Brisbane in this first series, who inspire her through the way, they live life. They range in age from their 20's into their 70's. In this video, Alice Owen shares a moment of herself with us. Her solo is one of many to be filmed on location in a special place of their choice. Tiina is trying to capture a moment of their true self in a place that inspires them. Tiina's vision is to share this project with many communities. 'Moments of Self' will be a series of community arts celebrations, honouring our self, our community and our special places. This project is for people of all ages, men and women who come from a diverse range of life experiences and want to share their story. Capturing a moment of ourselves through dance, movement, film, still photography, words, music and sound is a unique way to celebrate us and where we live. Middle-frame-web