Movement in Landscape

Movement in Landscape is a community arts project created in 2006 by performance maker Tiina Alinen. The project is a collaboration between writers, dancers, choreographers, photographers, graphic artists, web designers, local independent businesses, environmental and arts organisations.

Ms. Alinen had the pleasure of working with writer Glen Sheppard throughout the creative process. Mr. Sheppard brings an insightful perspective to his work through his experiences in living with Autism. Photography by Tiina Alinen.

Dancers from National Indigenous Academy of Performing Arts and Sunshine Coast Academy of Dance and Dramatic Arts. Writers are Debra Dank for the front cover and Glen Sheppard for the poem throughout the calendar. Photographic editing by Marion Jonkers with videography by Anja Ali-Haapala.


'The inspiration of the calendar came from the beauty of the Sunshine Coast and concern that we keep it that way. Tiina Alinen is a locally based choreographer who looks for different ways to work with the human body in her creative projects' Sunshine Coast Daily | Entertainment Weekly

'This project is the most wonderful link between different parts of the community' Kym Stevens