Dementia Hero Training Program

For Allied Health Professionals and Body Aware Practitioners

'Much more of the brain is devoted to movement than to language. Language is only a little thing sitting on top of this huge ocean of movement'. Oliver Sacks

The Dementia Hero Training Program is proudly an Australian product delivering a short program of training and workshops, using unique and proven non-verbal techniques. For allied health professionals and body aware practitioners who want to extend their communication knowledge and experience.

The next training program will be delivered on 22 and 23 June & 6 and 7 July 2019 in Sandgate, Queensland. The entire program is delivered in four days over two weekends. Limited places available.

Our service is highly flexible and responsive to the needs of diverse communication styles. Designing a Dementia Hero Program for your community needs, is the next step.

Tiina created the successful and highly valued Come Dance With Me program with Christine Bryden, for Dementia Australia in 2014. Today, she continues to deliver perceptive conversation workshops as a communication awareness consultant.

Her unique non-verbal communication technique was developed over 35 years, while delivering workshops in community, cultural and dance-in-health contexts. She is inspired by Dementia Heroes who show us, how to live in the present and communicate, through body memory. Tiina Alinen Projects embrace programs which champion the inclusion of all, for the benefit of all.

This program has been designed collaboratively with people with dementia, to make it truly dementia friendly. It offers wellbeing dance, based on non-verbal conversation through movement, and includes socialisation as well as moderate physical exercise.

'The Listening Eyes technique is a set of tools which support perceptive conversation and proactive relationship building'. Tiina Alinen

For enquiries: Contact Tiina on +61 400731624 or